Moving Forward …

So, this 1000 likes contest on Facebook is proving to be a challenge. I am a very detailed writer and I love to create imagery with my words, I’m finding it difficult to do in 1000 words or less. I’ve edited my entry down from 1700+ to 1284 and messaged the moderators to see if it will be acceptable. They did mention they would take entry’s that were “a bit” over. So cross your fingers folks. Also it seems a novella may have sprung forth from this contest, lol. My son liked my plot so much he suggested I make another version and keep adding to it. So I changed the names of a few characters and now the 2nd version is over 3000+ words. 🙂

Basically it’s a paranormal romance, I guess. The character list given by the contest judges had … shape-shifters, and people with special abilities so it was impossible for it to not be paranormal, lol. It’s not usually a subject I work with but I’m liking it.


It’s essentially about a young woman, Dominique, that is a succubus and her budding friendship/romance with a young man, Tristan, that is cursed to only be human at night … in some way she will help him be released from this curse and they will have more encounters (adventures) together.

Extra’s Today :

If you are a writer and have a Facebook account here are some great groups that I have found invaluable. Young writers Writing Contests, United Critique Front and I Write To Feel, I Feel To Write Enjoy! 🙂



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