Prologues and Epilogues? The Alpha and Omega?

I’m currently working on a story that involves reincarnation and I was trying to figure out how to show the past life but focus on the current incarnation without clogging up the novel with weird flashbacks. Luckily I got some great suggestions from the United Critique Front group on Facebook. Then I also ran into this article the same day !

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Writers love writing prologues, epilogues, and flashbacks. Readers hate reading them. If you insist on writing them, make sure you know how, and when, to use them.
 Prologues can be used when the opening scene of your novel:
1.    Occurs long before the main story
2.    Is the ending to your story – making the entire novel a flashback (I may use this one day)
3.    Is written from a viewpoint that is never used again
4.    Is a real document
5.    Is integral to the whole of the story but is not immediately obvious (THIS WAS MY REASON)

Prologues must be powerful. The opening scene and the prologue must be able to stand alone. If your prologue takes anything away from your opening scene leave it out. 
Excerpt taken from Writers Write – How to write a book 

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I’m definitely a fan of the Prologue, I always have been since I was a young reader. I don’t know why people complain. It gives a great one chapter back story and an epilogue gives a bit a closure and wraps it all up, or sets the scene for a sequel.

What are your thoughts on Prologues and Epilogues, Dear Readers?



2 thoughts on “Prologues and Epilogues? The Alpha and Omega?

  1. I just added a prologue to mine! 🙂 I get so sick of the "rules." If agents were reading 90% of the books that are already published, they would reject most of them. Lol.


  2. Lol, I completely agree. Who decided on these rules anyway? Everything I see online is so conflicted. I just decided, I'm going to write, screw it. If this scene makes sense to me, it's in. 🙂


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