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My New Partner In Crime…

This past weekend I discovered I have a great new writing partner to bounce ideas off of. I discovered he’d been living in my house for the past 15 1/2 years. 🙂

This past weekend my oldest son caught the writing bug as he sat down next to me when I was working on my story Cursed. (this was the untitled story I was working on back on May 25, 2013 that has now changed focus entirely. Dominique isn’t in it (she wll appear in the sequel) and now Tristan has a twin brother, Ethan)

He loves the plot and started tossing a few random ideas at me. Suddenly, he was pacing around and throwing out character descriptons and scenes… And as any writer knows … once the pacing and brainstorming starts; S**t has gotten real. 🙂

During our 2 hour session together my one story of Cursed has now been outlined to be 3 or 4 books we have entitled the Bloodlines Series. Three new characters and rich backstory were added and possible spin-off books for two of the characters (but that’s down the road a bit.)

I am very excited. I wish I could bottle the energy that was flowing in my living room Saturday and sell it. I’d make millions!




Toni J Lynch is a Contemporary Fiction writer, and blogger living in Northwest Ohio with her three children. She's been a writer since she can remember and although she put it aside for many years she has realized that it is her calling in life to bring characters into existence. Also an avid reader and crafter; when she isn’t writing she is usually seen with a book in one hand and a glue gun in the other. with a book in one hand and craft glue in the other.

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