My New Partner In Crime…

This past weekend I discovered I have a great new writing partner to bounce ideas off of. I discovered he’d been living in my house for the past 15 1/2 years. 🙂

This past weekend my oldest son caught the writing bug as he sat down next to me when I was working on my story Cursed. (this was the untitled story I was working on back on May 25, 2013 that has now changed focus entirely. Dominique isn’t in it (she wll appear in the sequel) and now Tristan has a twin brother, Ethan)

He loves the plot and started tossing a few random ideas at me. Suddenly, he was pacing around and throwing out character descriptons and scenes… And as any writer knows … once the pacing and brainstorming starts; S**t has gotten real. 🙂

During our 2 hour session together my one story of Cursed has now been outlined to be 3 or 4 books we have entitled the Bloodlines Series. Three new characters and rich backstory were added and possible spin-off books for two of the characters (but that’s down the road a bit.)

I am very excited. I wish I could bottle the energy that was flowing in my living room Saturday and sell it. I’d make millions!



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