Five Minute Friday : Today’s Prompt : BEAUTIFUL

START (using my cell phone’s timer)

I can hear her laughter from the other room. My beautiful daughter. My little princess that I never thought I would have. She’s laughing with her brother. I’m sometimes amazed at how close they are. Him, at twelve, a budding adolescent on the verge of teen hood; and she is, at age two just getting to know this world. I remember thinking years ago that I wasn’t worthy of having a daughter in my life. I somehow felt that I had failed so badly at being a woman that God didn’t trust me with raising another one. I had my two amazing son’s that I love with all my heart but what woman doesn’t want a little mini her? Outwardly I gave up on my desire for a little girl, but my closest friends knew I still wanted one.

Then it happened. I discovered I was pregnant much to my unplanned chagrin. I worried how the boys would react since she has a different father. I worried about many things. Then 5 months later I was told that my little tenant was a girl and although I still worried, I did it with a dreamy smile. Looking back though I realized that God didn’t give her to me because I somehow now “deserved” her, but I was given this little princess to transform me. I have become a new person since she entered my life and she is a shining light in my life and her brothers.

When I think of beauty the only think I can picture in my mind are my children. I may not be the best mother in the world  and the kids may not behave all the time, but my children think I’m awesome and that’s all I need to make me smile when my shoulders are heavy.

Aaaaand STOP !


So, what the heck is Five Minute Friday, you ask?

This is a  blog-prompt project from Lisa-Jo Baker. The way it works is you spend five minutes on writing, as unedited as possible on a prompt that she provides just after midnight on Twitter. This is my first one and it was definitely fun and a great exercise for my writing “muscle”

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Today’s Five Minute Friday selection is also here!

Five Minute Friday



One thought on “Five Minute Friday : Today’s Prompt : BEAUTIFUL

  1. I never feel like I’m not loved with wee ones running about. But, then again, I’ve probably never been driven to be so short-tempered either. They know how to try your patience!


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