Teaser Tuesday …. !!!

Today I am doing a little teaser of the beginning of a novella that I am working as a side project when I get blocked or frustrated with the Bloodlines Series, lol .

The working title is Twin Souls, but I already know I’m going to change this as I get further in to the story and at the rate I’m going hopefully it will be for sale on Amazon by Fall!

* * *

Elmer held the bright ball in his hands and smiled. He peered closely to see the two small glowing lights inside of the larger white orb. One was pink and one was blue.

“This has to be the finest couple I’ve created since … possibly Mary and Joseph!”

Lizzette, the overseer, floated by him and frowned.

“Now Elmer, it isn’t the angel way to be boastful and proud. We don’t make twin souls to brag. We make them so that all the babies born on Earth grown up and find their mate so they can be happy the way God wants.”

Elmer immediately looked chagrin and softly placed his orb on a cloud.

“I wonder who they will be, though. Look how bright the lights are. They are going to love each other very much. And look at how they matured at the same time. That’s rare that they will be the exact same age. I wish I could see.”

“Elmer, that isn’t our purpose. The guardians watch over them after they’re born. We give them souls. And it’s forbidden to follow them,” she looked at him sternly as if she knew what he was planning.

“Oh, I know Lizzie. I’m just talking.”

Lizzette sighed and started to float away, “Get back to work Elmer. And never call me Lizzie again.”

Elmer looked wistfully at the orb again just as a small light started to blink next to his station. He smiled widely and gently picked up the twin souls.

“It’s time for you two to be born now. It will be confusing and wonderful at the same time. Then one day you won’t be babies anymore and you will find each other.”

Elmer had always been a romantic at heart was so grateful when he received his twin soul assignment. He looked around from the corners of his eyes and guiltily tucked the orb under his wing.

No one will know if I hand deliver these souls myself. It can be done so quickly, he tried to convince himself.

When he saw Lizzette floating in the opposite direction with her back turned he decided that it was his chance.

He stealthily flew straight down through the clouds until he reached the Barrier, the thin layer of atmosphere that separated the Earth from the Heavens that couldn’t be seen by mortal eyes. He could feel the orb growing warmer next to his side. They usually knew when they were getting closer to their new bodies. Usually the souls split upon reaching the mortal plane and they are born within a few hours or days of each other. The special couples are born at the same time and usually in the same place but most couples are born apart and had the mission of finding each other as they grew older.



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