Virtual Bookshelf …

Hello readers,

I’ve been working hard on my WIP and I think it may be time for a reading break soon.

I’ve downloaded so many eBooks recently and I haven’t had any time to read them so, I think I may devote this weekend to sitting back with a cool drink and my Kindle app on my smartphone. 🙂


  • Mangled Hearts : Felicia Tatum
  • Forget Me Not : Sarah Daltry
  • Finding Pride : Jill Sanders
  • Fallacies Of Vision : Allan J. Ashinoff

** Reviews Will Follow **

Socialize with the Authors :

Felicia Tatum:
Facebook , Twitter , Goodreads

Sarah Daltry:
Facebook , Twitter , Website

Jill Sanders:
Facebook , Twitter , Website

Allan J. Ashinoff:
Facebook , Twitter

~~ Keep Writing ~~


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