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Virtual Bookshelf …

Hello readers,

I’ve been working hard on my WIP and I think it may be time for a reading break soon.

I’ve downloaded so many eBooks recently and I haven’t had any time to read them so, I think I may devote this weekend to sitting back with a cool drink and my Kindle app on my smartphone. 🙂


  • Mangled Hearts : Felicia Tatum
  • Forget Me Not : Sarah Daltry
  • Finding Pride : Jill Sanders
  • Fallacies Of Vision : Allan J. Ashinoff

** Reviews Will Follow **

Socialize with the Authors :

Felicia Tatum:
Facebook , Twitter , Goodreads

Sarah Daltry:
Facebook , Twitter , Website

Jill Sanders:
Facebook , Twitter , Website

Allan J. Ashinoff:
Facebook , Twitter

~~ Keep Writing ~~



Toni J Lynch is a Contemporary Fiction writer, and blogger living in Northwest Ohio with her three children. She's been a writer since she can remember and although she put it aside for many years she has realized that it is her calling in life to bring characters into existence. Also an avid reader and crafter; when she isn’t writing she is usually seen with a book in one hand and a glue gun in the other. with a book in one hand and craft glue in the other.

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