Memories of a Men’s Store …

This was a fun one. Writers Write Everyday (Facebook Group) posted this picture up earlier as a writing prompt. I saw it and immediately wanted to join in.


The first thing that came to my mind was an elderly man standing outside. I’m not sure why … who knows how writer’s minds work, lol.

But here is what came from a 5-minute writing sprint.


Fino’s men store. The name brought back so many memories. I fondly remembered the day I got fitted for my first suit at age fifteen. I thought back to my excitement at seeing that first paycheck after old man Fino hired me the summer I turned seventeen. And I thought of going back three years later to get my suit for my wedding to my precious Caroline, God rest her soul.

A small group of us stood out front to say our last goodbyes that Sunday morning. The wrecking crew would be there Monday and soon Fino’s would just be a collection of photos and dusty old suits in attics that a bunch of old men couldn’t fit anymore. I pulled out the camera my grandson had gotten me for Christmas and snapped a picture of the sign. Tipping my hat, I said goodbye to the other fellas and headed home with a smile.

~~ Keep Writing ~~


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