Teaser Thursday !!

Happy Friday Eve my awesome followers!

Today I decided to do a teaser from my WIP, I know usually it’s “Teaser Tuesday” but I didn’t feel like waiting 5 more days 😉

I was especially happy with how this scene turned out and I wanted to share it. And as usual Feeback is encouraged and welcome.


     The dream was always the same and tonight was no different. The boy was in woods by the house. It was getting dark and Ethan could barely see him. He calls out to the other boy to come back because they were getting too far from the house. Ethan is instantly in two places at once. He’s in his own body but he can also see the other boy as if he’s floating above him. He can see the boy quickly jumping behind a tree; planning to jump out and scare him. Ethan feels his heart beating faster when he realizes he can only see trees. There is no sign of the other boy or the house. The boy sees Ethan pause and giggles at the panicked look on Ethan’s face. Ethan stands in the middle of the field and begins to cry. The boy sighs and rolls his eyes and decides he should just reveal himself before he gets in trouble. Then there was just pain. Ethan hears the boy cry out, and runs towards the sound; screaming his name over and over. The boy is on his side in the moist grass holding on to his body as if it were trying to get away from him. Ethan covers his mouth and steps back shaking his head with tears streaming down his face. He promises to go get his mother and runs away. He runs as fast as his five year old legs can and bursts through the back door crying. In the dual nature of his dream Ethan can see the boy writhing on the ground in pain moaning. Sharp pains tearing through his arm and down the side of his body. He lifts his hand to his face and the screams echo through the entire woods. The boy’s hands are covered in fine black hairs that resemble needles; sprouting from every pore. His eyes widen and Ethan senses his terror and urges his mother to move faster. The boy’s body begins to tremble uncontrollably as the pain continues to spread throughout him. He’s still lying on the ground whimpering as Ethan and his mother approach but they stop in their tracks as they hear a muffled crunching sound. The boy tries to cry out in pain, but realizes that he cannot speak. His mouth opens and closes helplessly as the only sound he can make is an inhuman screech. He looks at Ethan with pleading in his eyes and the last thing the boy sees before he loses his consciousness is Ethan’s horror stricken face. His mother grabs him and turns him toward her as she watches the boy’s now feather-covered body  begin to shrink. Ethan feels her shaking as she whispers to him not to look, but he quickly pulls away and turns to see only a raven sitting in the pile of clothes. He reaches out and screams the boy’s name…


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