Bringing It Old School

NaNoWriMo Journey

It’s the morning of Day 5 … do you know what your word count is? … because I have no idea 🙂

The reason is that I’ve been carrying my notebooks around with me EVERYWHERE … bus rides,  eye doctor, kids dentist appointments … I have so much handwritten content it makes me smile. 

I’ve decided I like it this way so I will be handwriting during the week days of the challenge and typing it up on Saturday’s for my word count.

It just hit me what NaNo means to me.  It’s not about rushing through and creating a piece of unedited crap in a month then trying to self publish it.  Is about focus.  The challenge has made my usual flighty writing style (back and forth between several projects) calm down a notch and focus on ONE piece until completion.

I feel so good about Evangil that I’ll…

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