♥ Temptation Thursday ♥

I’m starting a new segment on Thursdays devoted to indie book boyfriends 🙂

The winter months are approaching.  Time for blankets,  cocoa,  & cuddling.  But,  if you’re single like me you’ll be short one cuddle buddy. 

Why not cuddle up with a good book that features a sexy “book boyfriend”?

They’re mysterious, they’re sexy,  sometimes a little broken and between the pages of their stories they become all ours.

★ Bad Boy With Big Heart ★


Meet Jack from Sarah Daltry’s Flowering Series.  A tragic past threatens to define him and dysfunctional relationships appear to be his expertise. 

When he meets Lily she knows his middle name is probably “Trouble” but brick by brick she starts to bring his walls down.

There is something powerful and emotionally raw about someone finding real love for the first time after years of pain and loss.

As you see him through Lily’s eyes in Forget Me Not you’ll begin to care about him. Then get into his head in Lily Of The Valley and go on his journey of true love and self discovery and you’ll fall in love.


★ Sarah’s Links ★




[Note : This book is in the 18+ Adult genre]

~ Keep Writing ~


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