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♥ Temptation Thursday ♥

Thursdays are devoted to indie book boyfriends 🙂

♥The winter months are approaching.  Time for blankets,  cocoa, and cuddling.But,  if you’re single like me you’ll be short one cuddle buddy. 

Why not cuddle up with a good book that features a sexy “book boyfriend”?

They’re mysterious, they’re sexy,  sometimes a little broken and between the pages of their stories they become all ours♥


★ Failure To Launch ★

Meet Cade from Felicia Tatum’s Scarred Heart series.

Cade, Cade, Cade what can I say about him? He’s flawed, yes. But, he makes you want to hug him and take care of him because it’s so painfully obvious how much he can love.

At first glance he appears to be spoiled little man-boy with a “Dad will fix it” attitude. Until you realize he does what he does in order to drown out a painful memory he’s been living with for years and the loss of the only woman he’s loved.

I started reading this book one night and literally did not go to bed until I finished it. I couldn’t. Felicia wrote what all author’s strive for; characters that the readers care about. I was compelled to see what was going to happened to them.


★ Felicia’s Links ★






Toni J Lynch is a Contemporary Fiction writer, and blogger living in Northwest Ohio with her three children. She's been a writer since she can remember and although she put it aside for many years she has realized that it is her calling in life to bring characters into existence. Also an avid reader and crafter; when she isn’t writing she is usually seen with a book in one hand and a glue gun in the other. with a book in one hand and craft glue in the other.

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