Phil Collins Gets a Web-Series


Got your attention 😉

Sorry, twenty-something Phil Collins. From Denver. Who also has super powers!

Denver, CO: The new web-series “The Art of Acting Out” is looking to make Denver the new Hollywood. With its all local cast and crew, The Art of Acting Out (AOAO) is currently seeking backers (☆in the form of KickStarter donations☆) to help fund and contribute to this popular word-of-mouth series. For more information about backing and the rewards, visit the Kickstarter Campaign page

The Art of Acting Out hopes to launch in the Spring of 2014, and will feature all things Denver (local talent, businesses, etc.) while providing a chance for the 20 (and counting) cast and crew to make a dream into a reality.

With over 100 backers so far, the Art of Acting Out is half-way to meeting its goal of $10,000 in pledges by 9pm MST on December 15th, 2013. 

The Art of Acting Out is a story about Phil Collins, the barista, and how he quits his job to become an actor in Denver, Colorado. So, technically no super powers, but it does take a heroic amount of courage to quit a comfortable job and take that leap to follow his dreams.

With the help of his questionable manager Tony, we follow Phil on his journey as he takes every bad first gig you can imagine. Along the way he meets his Dream Girl Jennifer, her boyfriend (and future nemesis Jack Ace) and learns to grow and face some of his fears… like stage fright, creepy clowns and what happens if he can’t get a job to pay the rent. 


Producer: Tyler Martin

Associate Producer: Jeremiah Zentz

Writer: Gregory Aronoff

Lead Actors: Cody Dermon, Todd Simmonds, Evan Duggan, Beverly Jeanne, Mia Klosterman.

Director of Photography & Editor: Buddy Thomas

Score & Music: Drew Bradley

Hair, Make Up, Prosthetics: Cory Bryant & Emily Mckim.

Find out more at  The Art of Acting Out

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