A Thank You and an Explanation

As many of my readers know Sarah is one of my favorite indie authors . Unfortunately she has been the target of so much adult bullying and artistic bashing that she was originally going to pull her books from Amazon and stop writing. Recently she had a blitz for the release of her new book Orange Blossom and out of the books sold and gifted during the event, 90% of the books were returned and exchanged for credit. For an artist that’s just like reaching into their body and pulling their souls out. And that was last straw. She has recently decided that she will NOT be pulling her books BUT she is leaving the social media and public eye … I wanted to share her post. These trolls on the internet need to realize they are affecting actual people, we aren’t just avatars here and these books (even if you personally don’t like them) came from someone’s hard work and time and heart ….


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