Allons-y !

★Sorry, no Doctor here. The title just seemed to fit ★ 🙂 … okay fine here’s a picture of Ten because … why not?



It’s 10:20 am now in Ohio. I overslept today and took my daughter to school late. I’m starting this NaNo with a WIP that is already in progress. NaNo Rebel Here !!! But since it is NaNo my goal is to ADD 50k more words to my WIP.

At minimum I’d like 2k today.  I know some Nanites count all writing including blog posts but I really just want to only count novel words. So, this entry is not included in my 2k.

So, off I go back to Google Docs and shutting WordPress…(gulp) Facebook….and (sigh) Pinterest down. #TheStruggle

Also, join me later today on YouTube : Kick off the first day of NaNoWriMo by joining WordNerds in a live-streamed NaNoWriMo Virtual Write-In! Start your novel in the company of hundreds of other writers around the globe. : November 1 at 3 PM PDT