Cover Reveal & Announcement!


What is a monster?
Not all of them lurk under the bed. Some terrorize us conspicuously, in the light of day.
The tyrannical boss forcing unpaid overtime on a Friday night?
That debilitating anxiety holding you captive in your own room?
The haunting whisper of self-doubt?
Or perhaps it IS just a creature in the shadows, waiting to rend flesh from bone.


In the interest of exploring this theme, *Bushmead Publishing is proud to announce the second Phoenix Quill Anthology: MONSTERS. Coming October 25th!


Very excited to announce that I will have my first official publication coming soon.
Monsters is the 2nd Anthology by an amazing group called The Phoenix Quill.

A lovely group of writers that I have the pleasure of being a member of.

The first anthology entitled Heroes is also on sale on


*Bushmead is an independent publishing house based in Toronto, Canada.

Connect with them on Twitter @BushmeadBooks