Toni is such a pleasure to work with. She pours herself wholeheartedly into the project and is always timely and professional. She is a strong and vibrant writer with a positive attitude and accepts constructive criticism with an open mind and revises with ease. I would recommend her instantly to anyone looking for a strong and flexible writer for any subject.”  

Farhana Farooq (owner of FARASHATi Fashions)

“Toni J. Lynch was definitely a god send when I took on the overbearing task of organizing an online magazine for the Toledo community (Glass City Connect). I had cast a wide net looking for assistants and Toni was the one that stood tall and proud from the masses.

       Toni always delivered what was asked and was responsible for organizing blog contributors, managing an editorial calendar, and performing a slew of essential duties to launching our magazine as a brand in the pre-social-media marketing era. Toni made my life very simple and even took extra initiative and served as a contributor in order to fill in editorial gaps when needed.

      Toni is an overachiever in a good way and is a detail oriented / task completing, dynamo. If I were to ever attempt such an ambitious project again Toni would be the first one I’d call.

     Great personality. Very focused. Wonderful writer.”

Jermaine Young (Online Marketing Manager of WJUC 107.3 The Juice FM | Welch Communications)



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