New Release! The Den of Thieves.

I am very excited to announce that a great group that I am a part of on Facebook has published an anthology!  Sadly, I joined the group too late to participate but as this book is the first of many I look forward to being on board in the future.


Without further delay I want to announce The Den of Thieves. (from the Den of Quills blog site) “The Den of Thieves is an anthology of work from fourteen of our members with stories about thieves of all stripes. Some steal dreams, some steal precious things, some steal for the thrill of it and some for the most personal of reasons. Each and every one of them does steal though.”

The profits of this anthology will all go towards the World Literacy Foundation, a truly worthy cause that we all support. (and at $5.95 the book is a good read that benefits a worthy cause!)

Please head over to the Den of Quills official blog site for more information and if you purchase the book please remember ….





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