On occasion I have in the past and will be in the future posting articles or stories on other websites for companies or individuals.

Here is a list of past articles :

FARASHATi is an up and coming fashion brand that focuses on conservative chic clothing for the modest fashionista.  In addition to publishing a fashion themed blog they also have a more business themed blog.

The aim is to try to give back to the “community” of fellow entrepreneurs by publishing informative blurbs a few times a month. The topics range from what great software to use to discussing how social networking can help your business.

During the time the regular writer was on hiatus I was given the opportunity to write a few articles as a staff member.

GLASSCITYCONNECT is a multi-purpose informational website centered around the people of Toledo, OH and surrounding areas. Specializing in social networking, promotion of young business owners, and community unity I felt privileged to be a writer for this site.

I was  promoted to Assistant Executive Editor for a brief moment and also a contributing writer on the site. My blog focused on new and useful software, programs, and websites for entrepreneurs and business owners.

  • Looking for Mii? (January 16, 2010) – After going to search for the article I discovered the website is no longer live, luckily, as any writer should, I save all of my work 🙂  Click The Preview Below To Enlarge.

looking for mii

( I spoke too soon, there were two other articles I did for GlassCity but I can’t seem to be able to find full saved versions anywhere, just snippets I was emailing to my proofreader. I wish I had been using Google Docs more in 2010. Ah well, you live and learn ) 🙂


In 2009 Gary Jensen was inspired to publish an informational eBook about engaging the interest of call center employees and boosting morale.

Thanks to a LinkedIn post I was informed that he was looking for people to review it before it went to publication. As a former call center employee I jumped at the chance.

It was so well written and with so many excellent tips that I actually forwarded it to my then call center manager after it was published.

>> Beyond The Headset <<

Click The Preview Below To Enlarge

Beyond the Headset Shoutout


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