Say Hello To Renee Lovins!

Renee is a native of California who somehow ended up married to a Georgia boy. Living in Atlanta, she works way to much, commutes too many hours a day, and writes instead of cleaning the house.

With one husband, three cats, and a pile of “to be read” books, she keeps awaiting the apocalypse, because then she might have time to catch up. When she isn’t writing original stuff, she falls back to her old love, Buffy Fan-fiction, and she still posts occasionally.

Glass Hearts is her second Novel, the first being Ink Deep.

I recently “sat down” virtually with this lovely author for to ask a few questions ….

  • Is there a message in your novel, Ink Deep, that you want your readers to grasp?
    • Yes, no, maybe?  I was always one of those “un-pretty” kids, and I hated how much how you what you looked like mattered.  When I started this story I wanted to play with the trope of beauty and what it was.  Well, when you think about beauty and the beast most of us think a monster from a fairy tale, teeth, claws, fur.  But what if it is a monster of our own fears?  Burns are some of the most disfiguring accidents that can happen, and we shy away from that, judging personality and intelligence on appearance.  So, I wanted to get someone who was so focused on the external, to be forced to see past it, to see what is underneath the monster, and maybe in the process see his own ugliness.  America culture, and yes I am an American, is so focused on what we see, that we forget to take the time to see people – not just their appearance.   I’m never going to be a super model (and really I like food WAY too much), but I’ve been lucky in having someone love me because of who I am, not what I look like.  I wanted to show people that love, real love is about seeing the person, not the form
  • Is there anything you find particularly challenging about writing about everyday people?
    • Lol, all I write is every day people, I find it harder to write Alphas or the super pretty, because I’ve never been either.  Snarky wenches, easy.  The hardest part for me is when I write about someone who is a profession I have no experience with, making sure the facts are correct and they way they use language and view the world is accurate.  I’m a gamer (yes D&D, WoW, Pathfinder, you name it) so my view on life is often skewed.  But how does a doctor view things, or a cop, or a lawyer?  I try to make sure their personalities and experience is true to the character as I write
  • What were the challenges (research, literary, or logistical) in bringing your stories to life?
    • Life?  Life is the biggest challenge.  Trying to find energy after a long day at work, to do anything creative.  And then I’ve been trying to get healthier (I sit on my butt for my day job, then writing is more sitting) so I’ve been trying to exercise too.  Talk about being dead afterwards.  I have days where I look at my writing and go “Nope” and just walk away.  Then there are the 7 am Saturday mornings where I am up and writing so I can get something done before the round of weekend errands starts.  Then there are sex scenes  ~sighs~  I wish I was good at them, but I seem to struggle.  So I’ve got some short stories (about 18k words) I’m working on, where I’m trying to increase the sexual tension and ‘hotness’ of the story.  So keep your eyes out for my Hitman, Inc series of shorts.  Hopefully they will be hotter than my Fairy Modern series
  • Who is one of your personal favorite authors and what is it that strikes you about their work?
    • Oh dear.  You don’t know what you are asking.  I read a lot, and I mean a LOT.  And there are so many that I could just name names for ages.  So let’s bring this to two types.  My favorite author to re-read – Mercedes Lackey.  She has books I’ve read ten times, and I still cry when I hit certain scenes.  Author that I want to write like – Anne Bishop. Her world building is exquisite and her characters grab you from the first page.  She is someone I’d love to meet and talk to.  Author I want to be when I grow up – Ooh, toss-up between Hugh Howey and Lindsay Buroker.  Both of them bring a level of productivity and professionalism to being Indie that I want to emulate.  Author I’d most like to meet – Well I’m a bit spoiled, being a member of RWA and going to Dragoncon a lot, I’ve met a bunch of authors.  But someone I’d love to sit and talk to about craft and his stories.  Joss Whedon.  Yep, creator of Buffy, and Firefly, etc…  not ever going to happen, but dang it is a nice day dream
  • What are your current projects?
    • Well, as I mentioned I’ve got the Hitman, Inc shorts I’m working on.  I’ve actually finished and have two rough drafts of a another romance series, but those I’m probably going to hide until I have a bunch of them.  I’m working on a sci-fi (no romance sorry) series right now.  Book 1 is roughed out, but I’ve stalled a bit on book two, so hence the Hitman stuff.  I’m also writing one short story a month just to try and stretch myself.  ~blinks looking at that~ Hmm, maybe I’m not goofing off as much as I think I am.  But no matter what, I can’t seem to write fast enough, and good enough, to get all my ideas out.  I have a word document just full of basic plots and ideas I want to play with someday.


Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to answer these questions for me and to let your readers get to know you a bit better. We hope to see many great things from you in the future. ( BTW , I love Joss Whedon too lol)

It’s been great fun answering these questions, thank you so much for having me!!!


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