She’s My Person


What would we do without our girlfriends? Aren’t they amazing women?

If you are fortunate, you have a friend who is there when you need her, who can put matters into perspective or make you laugh, and who knows your worst mistakes and most unsavory fears about yourself and loves you anyway.

She is the person with whom you can sit comfortable in silence, and yet the same individual to whom you have so much to say.

A girlfriend can sometimes see your situation more clearly than you can, and you can trust her to tell you what she really thinks is the best course for you, even though she knows you may not listen.

These miraculous relationships seem to go unheralded and unrecorded. Our modern society has never given too much credit to women’s friendships; dismissing them as shallow institutions, just there to faciliate shopping expeditions and bathroom visits.

But the lucky women who have experienced the trust level and support that is available in female friendship know better.

I am grateful I am one of these lucky women and I have experienced honesty, acceptance, loyalty and laughter with my best friend that I call “Sister”.

She has been there since I was 13 (I’m 38 now) and I keep her around because she knows all my dirty secrets. 😉

~ Keep Writing ~



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