Hi! Now that you’re here …(excuse the mess)

The Write Stuff is in the middle of some healthy renovations but there is still enough room for you to pull up a chair and let me pour you a cup of coffee… This is my little chunk of the internet devoted to writing related topics. There will be teasers from stories I’m working on and I also participate in blog tours so, you will see other authors being showcased frequently. I will also be keeping everyone posted on my road to being first time published.




Liebster award 2


5 thoughts on “Hi! Now that you’re here …(excuse the mess)

    1. I actually don’t . I’ve been considering going indie and self publishing the first book to see if there is any interest and to retain more profit. If it doesn’t work out then I may pull it from Amazon and look for an agent OR if it goes fabulously well I may do the same thing just to make sure the sequels get handled properly LOL


    1. Thank you so much. And I believe, I’ve come across so many wonderful and amazingly talented and helpful people since I started writing again. It’s a great community. Everyone giving feedback, helping with promotions… It’s beautiful.


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